It is a new year, and we have some new additions to our collection! We have added some wonderful new resources, both electronically and in print.

If you prefer to  research online, there are two new additions to our online resources:

  • The National Consumer Law Center has added the treatise Fair Debt Collection, 10th edition, to its digital library. Fair Debt Collection is the leading treatise on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and has even been cited by the United States Supreme Court.  The treatise is not only fully updated, analyzing new CFPB Regulation F, effective November 30, 2021, but it is also searchable, providing instant access to over 15,000 case summaries.
  • Wolter Kluwers VitalLaw electronic database is a new and takes the place of the Wolter Kluwers Cheetah interface. This database contains many of Wolter Kluwers’ most popular treatises, including resources like Marsh’s CA Corporation Law, California Construction Law, Americans with Disabilities Handbook, Bankruptcy Litigation Manual, Handbook of Section 1983 Litigation, Privacy & Cybersecurity Law Deskbook, and the Qualified Domestic Relations Order QDRO Handbook.

All of these resources are also available from home if you are a Borrower or Benefits Package holder. You can log into both the National Consumer Law Center and VitalLaw databases using your Library Card number.

If you like to flip pages in  books, we have three new titles added to the collection in the California Reading Room:

  • California Elements of an Action (KFC1003. C35): This practice guide analyzes all of the elements required for various legal actions. For any cause of action from abuse of power to wrongful death, researchers will find not only the required elements, but also defenses, checklists, sample pleadings, jury instructions, and jury verdicts. All in one book!
  • Opposing California Civil Motions-Model Opposition Briefs (KFC1012 .P38): This one-volume tome by the Rutter Group is designed to assist in the drafting of opposition briefs to dozens of California civil motions. This volume isn’t just a bunch of empty templates! It provides legal arguments that cite relevant California statutory and case law.
  • California Practice Guide: Privacy Law (KFC312. G89): Another amazing new edition is the Rutter Group’s definitive guide on California privacy law, including the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). Coverage includes helpful checklists, sample disclosure letters, and sample letters responding to requests under the CCPA, to help you counsel your clients on CCPA compliance.

And, if you are a member of our Borrowers Program, you can check these practice guides out at our Downtown location!

These new materials are some of the many resources that we have made available to help you with your legal research during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out our ClassesLegal Databases, and COVID-19 Legal Issues pages for more information! If you have any questions about our webinars or accessing our legal databases, please contact us by email or telephone.