New Program: Writers and the Law

By Cheryl on June 06, 2013//Leave a comment
Writers and the Law

In partnership with Warwick’s Bookstore, the “Writers and the Law” series explores complex legal issues through engaging, thought-provoking programming. Featuring a diverse array of fiction and nonfiction authors, these events bring members of the San Diego community and leading writers together to explore how the law impacts our everyday life. From the intrigue of legal fiction to the compelling, eye-opening and sometimes even controversial points of view of non-fiction, the “Writers and the Law” series offers a fresh perspective on contemporary life and culture.


The “Writers and the Law” series recently presented former Vice President Al Gore discussing his latest book, “The Future”.  Next up in the series, on June 12 at  Warwick’s Bookstore,  Brian Fagan will be discussing his new book “The Attacking Ocean”.


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  1. Randall Christison

    Great idea. If you have some e-promotional material, I’ll forward it to my email llists, and get some attendance.

    I’ve been reading Brian Fagan’s long-view-of-history books for a long time. Looking forward to meeting him.


  2. RJ Gardner

    Tuesday afternoon, June 11th


    Is this “Writers and the Law” actually discussing “law” relating to authors? Or is it essentially a book promotion opportunity? The two mentioned above apparently have zip to say on “writers & the law.”

    Also, there is no “Date, Time, Place” specified. It sure would be neat to have these recorded, for those of us who cannot attend.

    Thanks for letting me know.


    • Cheryl

      The Writers & the Law Program is more of a promotional opportunity for the law library than for Warwick’s. We have a very narrow constituency and are fighting to become better known in the county. If our usage increases, then we have more likelihood of getting sponsorships and grants. If we do not attempt community partnerships like this one, we should be faulted for not trying hard enough to get our message out. We cannot do it alone.

      While some books will have a great deal to do with the law, some may have less. In our experience it is good to have our names associated with any public event that brings in people from an alternate universe than law firms and lawyers.

      Your suggestions about documenting the program on video and webcasting are great ones, and we will certainly bring them up to the Warwick’s people to see what they say.

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