We are proud to offer two new Benefit Packages. These are additional benefits that will provide great value to you at a very reasonable cost.

The due date to complete your MCLE requirements is approaching soon if your last name begins with a letter A-G. We have an Unlimited MCLE package for just $75. It allows you take all our classes starting in December 2018 and continuing through December 2019. In a typical year, you have access to about 40 classes. Classes include California Bar mandatory credits in ethics, competency in the legal profession, and elimination of bias.

We also have a Discount Package. This package includes yearlong access to the Library’s WiFi, yearlong access to electricity charging stations in the library, half-price MCLE classes ($12.50 per class), half-price conference rooms, half-price electronic document delivery ($7.50 each), and more. This discount benefit package runs January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. These services are also available á la carte if you do not want to purchase a package.

Our benefit packages are designed to save you money, but also to help support our mission of Law Made Public. You are helping us recoup costs by supporting these services. And in turn we can can continue to serve the community and make resources available to all.

Interested in borrowing materials? Our Borrowers Program is a separate option that provides the ability to check out library materials.