New Guide to Vacate a Default Judgment

By Kelly on May 22, 2015//Leave a comment

The Library is pleased to announce we have added a new guide, Motion to Vacate a Default Judgment or Set Aside a Dismissal,  to our Research and Motion Guides on our website. The guide discusses the relief available via this motion and the general procedure to follow.  There is a set of sample moving papers in Microsoft Word located under the resource tab of the guide for your consideration and use. The guide utilizes the popular LibGuide format, which features a dynamic interactive display. You can access it from our website here or find a print copy on our Reserve Shelves in the DIY section of our branches.

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  1. Mary Alexander

    Your guide for Service of a Summons and Complaint is not current. SDSC forms Certificate of Progress and Certificate of Service are no longer in use and were discontinued by the Court months ago.

    • Kelly

      Thank you for your information. We will get to this guide as soon as we can, but we are short of staff. We appreciate your patience.

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