The Law Library is excited to announce our new Borrower’s Program. Law Library members have been asking when can they renew their memberships. Well, our new Borrower’s Program is replacing membership!

There are two levels of the Borrower’s Program:

  • Level One: This level costs $50 for the year. It provides for checking out 1 item at a time for 4 days, plus one renewal.
  • Level Two: This level costs $75 for the year. It provides for checking out up to 5 items at a time for 4 days, plus two renewals.

If you are a current member, please look for an email this week with information about the Borrower’s Program. Your current membership is good until March 1, 2018. You’ll have to decide which program is right for you at that point. We no longer distinguish between law firms, attorneys, and non-attorneys. This new program is based entirely on the amount of books an individual wants to borrow.

If you want to join the Borrower’s Program, please come in to either of the library’s full service locations and fill out the borrower’s application. You will need to provide a phone number, email address, and proof of current address.

The San Diego Law Library is one of the few law libraries in the country that allows our materials to circulate. We do not receive any tax dollars, unlike city and county libraries, and our books are quite expensive – many cost over $500 per volume. It is important that people can use our books at home.

However, it is costly to maintain a borrowing program. There is staff time to order and process books, the cost of maintaining catalog software, and staff to administer the program. We’re proud this is the first time we’ve raised the price to borrow books since we started the program in 1995.

Library users frequently ask what can I check out? Almost all our books can circulate. You might see stickers or stamps in a book that state that it “Does not circulate.” Most of the time the item does. The stickers or stamps date back to a time when most books did not circulate. Interested in a book? Just ask! Over 75% of our collection circulates.