Amazon Compromises Secret Desires

By JohnnyZ on February 03, 2014//Leave a comment

We live in a Big Brother world where every secret desire, guilty shopping secret, and bad clothing choice is known to those gremlins on the Internet. But Amazon book recommendations went slightly wonky when they sent me this:




 The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure: Over 100 Amazing Recipes from the Kitchens of Asia to Cook at Home by Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers and Si King (30 Jan 2014)


What in the world could I have done to deserve this?  On the other hand, I should thank Amazon for introducing me to a couple of foodies I would probably never have encountered otherwise. But…Hairy Bikers??


Somehow I don’t think that the Amazon “recommended reading” idea is supposed to go deeper into my dark (and potentially harmful) psyche than even I am willing to explore.   Big Brother?  More like Minority Report!


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  1. Meli

    To: JohnnyZ Re: ~Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure…:Home~. That is interesting. My prescription to this interesting recommendation is to visit the Magistrate at Grand Canyon (G.C.) for discussion regarding environmental law in regards to a “Whole-istic” perspective of ECOLOGY. That might seem “out of the blue,” but if you can get my background perspective; it’s doubtlessly “right on.”
    Then again, they need to be open & available for that, not quite so easy if you are at other locals than the G.C. Village.
    Locally, plausibly a “Legal Language 101” course at Grossmont College might be helpful.
    Hopefully, that is not just my singing getting in the muddle of it.

    • JohnnyZ

      I love pixie stardust AND hairy bikers, so there you have it — the ultimate bizarre combination of mind-blowing weirdness ever found in a law librarian! Or maybe not. We are a weird lot, that’s true.

      Hey, thanks for writing! I love new ideas.

      ~ JohnnyZ

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