Great MCLE Classes 3rd Week in January

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MCLE Crunch Time is moving toward completion. The third week in January brings four classes. At our Downtown location, we have  classes on dividing frozen embryos and homeowner association laws. Our Vista location is hosting classes on Westlaw and the basics of temporary restraining orders. Each 1 hour class is $25, but library members can save $5 per class. Check out our upcoming classes often because we are adding new classes. Sign up today!


  • January 16 Downtown – Dividing Frozen Embryos – It is estimated that there are 600,000 to 1,000,000 frozen embryos in storage in the USA. Genetic material is still quasi-property for purposes of ownership, control, and transfer. What happens if parties disagree about the disposition of unused embryos? Come learn about this developing area of law.
  • January 17 Vista – Introduction to Westlaw – Come learn about our Westlaw database. The class covers using the multi-functional search box to find a document and to research an issue, using the new results display and sorting and filtering your search results, and verifying your research using KeyCite.
  • January 18 Vista – Basics of Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, and Civil Harassment Temporary Restraining Orders – This presentation will describe the law and procedures for filing TROs in San Diego County.
  • January 19 Downtown – Trends in Homeowner Association (HOA) Law – Learn about trends and recent updates in HOA laws in San Diego. If you practice real estate law or simply live in an HOA, this is a great class to learn about HOA functions, rights, and responsibilities. Bring your questions!
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