November is Veterans and Military Families Awareness Month and it is a perfect time to remind you that we are in the middle of the Law Library’s Year of Military Law. Each year we give special focus to an area of law intrinsic to the fabric of San Diego county’s culture, history, and modern day life.  During the year, we will be focusing on resources for veterans, legal services, and military laws.

First, check out our new Military Law guide! Our goal is to provide information to the community on important military issues. The guide features resources available on a variety of legal topics related to active duty military and veterans. Access information 24/7 from reliable non-profits and government agencies, find local free legal help on veterans issues, and discover print resources available at our Downtown and Vista locations.

Second, we’re hosting our first MCLE class focusing on military law on Thursday, December 6, at our Downtown location. You can learn about The Effect of Criminal Convictions on Military Personnel.

Third, we have partnered with Thomas Jefferson School of Law to host their Military Active Duty/Reserve and Veterans Self-Help Workshops during the fall. You can reserve space for either workshop by calling 619-961-4371.

As you enjoy Veterans Day, please take a moment to remember those who serve and have served.