Welcome to the Law Library’s web page — everyone’s gateway to the law in San Diego County!

California’s county law libraries have been providing the public with free access to legal resources since 1891. There are 58 county law libraries. Like them, we are funded by collecting a portion of the fees paid to the Superior Court when someone files a civil case. The resources and operations of county law libraries varies with each county. However the mission of county law libraries remains the same throughout California: to provide everyone with free access to legal materials.  This is how we bring the law to the public.

Every county law library is governed by an appointed, volunteer Board of Trustees that has complete oversight and authority.  The San Diego County Board of Trustees has 5 Superior Court judges and 4 San Diego County attorneys to do its work, more than any other law library in the state. The director of libraries plans policy, strategy, and Law Library programming to help guide the Board in its decision-making and move the library forward. The Law Library staff operates 4 branches around the County to provide outstanding service to anyone seeking legal information.

More than that, the Law Library functions as a community gathering space for learning, meetings, and collaborative programming.  In our spacious downtown building, we have transformed the look and culture of the Law Library experience.  We proudly try to make the legal world just a bit less scary for people seeking to know more about their legal rights.  We serve as translators of the law so that you get what you need to succeed in your legal claims.  We encourage you to claim your right to know the law and use it to full advantage by visiting the branch closest to you.

As a public institution on a fixed income, we welcome support of all kinds to help us sustain our service mission.  Donations of money and time are appreciated, as well as your ideas.  What more could you ask for in a public law library?  If you have an idea, please contact us at ideas@sdlawlibrary.org