Date: Monday, December 14, 2015

Time: 12-1 p.m.

Location: Downtown San Diego

MCLE: 1 hour general participatory credit.

Register: online

Cost: $20

About the class:

With a client’s fate on the line, usually the last thing an attorney wants in court is the presence of a news camera. Media attention can complicate the proceedings, intimidate witnesses, and distract jurors. Editing and selective sound bites for the evening news can paint a picture far from the reality of the trial. So how does an attorney balance the public’s right to know with a client’s right to a fair trial? Can an attorney create and maintain a positive relationship with the media?

We will look at the mistakes and successes of attorneys during some of America’s high profile cases. We’ll discuss the changing reporting landscape, controlling the message, and preventing or handling a media circus. Learn courtroom and interview presentation tips, and how to interact with ambitious reporters, news crews, and social media bloggers.

About the speaker:

Dennis Lynch has extensive experience covering criminal cases for outlets such as Court TV, CNN, and HLN. His recent book, Shooting Saddam, offers behind-the-scenes stories about the trial of Saddam Hussein.

About cancellation:

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