Government Code Claims
Date: Thursday, April 14, 2022
Time: 12 pm
Location: Online Webinar
Cost: $10
Register: Here
MCLE: One Hour General Participatory Credit

Did you know that if you want to file a lawsuit against a government agency there is an administrative process that you need to complete prior to filing a lawsuit? And, if you miss the statute of limitations for filing you may lose the ability to file!

This administrative process was standardized in California by the Government Claims Act. This act allows the aggrieved party to file a complaint and the public agency to consider and remedy the complaint without having to file a formal lawsuit.

This hour-long webinar will provide an overview of the Government Code claim process as well as the immunities provided to public agencies and employees under the Government Code.

About the Speakers

Scott Ditfurth and Andrew Saghian are litigation attorneys with Best Best & Krieger LLP, primarily practicing in the area of public entity defense.

Scott Ditfurth is a civil litigator with an emphasis on public entity defense litigation and real property-related disputes. A partner in Best Best & Krieger LLP’s Riverside office, his practice broadly encompasses all aspects and stages of litigation for clients in a variety of settings. Scott’s litigation practice encompasses public entity defense, real property disputes, land use claims and writs, inverse condemnation, easement disputes, eminent domain, contract claims, and construction claims.

Andrew Saghian is a litigation associate in Best Best & Krieger’s Municipal practice group. He assists clients with navigating all aspects and stages of litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. Andrew’s practice includes contract claims, business, and real property disputes, tort litigation, civil rights actions, employment/discrimination claims, property tax appeals, eminent domain, and inverse condemnation.

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