Date: Today, Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time: 12-1:00 p.m.

Location: Downtown San Diego

MCLE: 1 hour General Participatory credit

Register: online

Cost: $25, $20 for members

About the class:
Many people in family court are nervous and apprehensive about their mediation or child custody counseling sessions. This class will provide tools to help you prepare your client for their Family Court Services mediation/Child Custody Recommending Counseling session. The workshop explains what clients should prepare for, the flow of the mediation session, making parenting plan proposals, accounting for special needs children and resources, and staying calm. Participants will also learn what not to tell their clients in this interactive discussion.

About the speakers:

Mark Schlissel, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), provides consultation to parents about child custody and visitation issues prior to Family Court Services or private mediation appointments. He has been meeting with clients for more than twenty years.

Lynn Waldman, LCSW, is a Private Mediator/Child Custody Recommending Counselor, Therapist and Parent Coordinator. As a former Family Court Counselor, Ms. Waldman also offers FCS preparation services for clients mandated to participate in Family Court Services mediation.