Join us Dec 5 through Dec 8 for Electronic Research Week: 4 MCLE classes to help you take advantage of the wealth of electronic resources available at the law library and more. All classes are from noon to 1pm at the Downtown location. Be sure to check our classes page because we’re adding new classes for December and January all the time.

Dec 5 – CEB OnLaw – This database puts CEB’s practice books and action guides in an easy to use digital format. This class focuses on basic search techniques, including how to search by keywords, statute, case, or by form.

Dec 6 – State and Local Legal Research Using Free Websites – This class will introduce you to the most popular and useful free websites for conducting legal research for California and San Diego.

Dec 7 – E-filing and E-service in San Diego -This training session walks you through the steps necessary to E-File your documents in the San Diego (CA) Superior Court.

Dec 8 – Lexis Advance – Learn about the Lexis Advance database. This class will cover the powerful search tools and streamlined platform, the use of filters, and how to validate your results.