MCLE Classes Downtown Starting January 22

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It is MCLE crunch time for attorneys whose last names start with A-G. You have until February 1, 2019 to complete and report your 25 hours of continuing legal education. We still have 7 classes scheduled in January, including 6 at our Downtown location.


Each 1 hour class is regularly $25, but there are two programs that can make them even more economical. Check out our MCLE yearly pass or our Discount pass. Sign up today! Keep reading the library’s newsletter or checking the library’s calendar for new classes. All classes are Downtown and start at noon unless otherwise noted.


  • January 22Copyright Basics – This class will provide an introductory overview of the area of copyright protection. With easily  accessible digital information, it is important to know how to protect your work and avoid using the work of others without permission. Topics discussed during this class will include establishing copyright protection, federal registration, fair use, and enforcement.
  • January 23Eliminating Bias: Achieving Diversity and Inclusion (ELIMINATION OF BIAS) – Join us as we cover the applicable laws governing bias and discrimination, theories of bias, and strategies for eliminating bias in the legal profession. Specific topics include: examples of bias in the legal profession; and achieving fairness in hiring, retention, advancement, and termination. This DVD was shown in North County on January 10. It does count as a participatory MCLE.
  • January 24Dealing with the Media: What Lawyers Can and Cannot Say (LEGAL ETHICS) – What do you do when you get a call from a reporter asking about your high profile case or background on a land deal you are working on? You’ve got several options to consider, not the least of which are the ethical concerns. We’ll step inside the media world with an attorney who teaches media law and ethics.
  • January 29Persuading Trial Court Judges – During this session you will learn how to do the following: present a written argument using effective introductions; recognize verbose and succinct written arguments; write an argument meeting trial judge expectations; present a written argument using effective topic headings and fact statements.
  • January 30Your Competence on Drugs (COMPETENCE) – Can marijuana use impact professional competence? We’ll look at recent peer-reviewed scientific literature on marijuana. The information will be presented in plain English so attendees will understand how marijuana potentially interacts with professional competence.
  • January 31Lawyer’s Guide to New Cannabis Market – Our final MCLE in January provides an introduction to the current laws and regulatory framework covering cannabis in California. Topics include: a review of cannabis regulation in 2018 and what to expect in 2019; the federal government’s treatment of marijuana and hemp as a Schedule I Drug and its impact on the industry; and an overview of the regulatory framework for Cannabis Businesses under the Medical and Adult Use of Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”).
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