We bring you news from the San Diego Superior Courthouse. The Central Division Civil Business Office is accepting only a limited number of documents at the filing window due to budget reductions.

Below is the list of acceptable over the counter filings:  

  1. Temporary Restraining Orders (civil harassment, elder abuse, workplace violence) and related filings;
  2. Petitions for Change of Name or Gender;
  3. Claim of Right to Possession or Third Party Claim;
  4. Ex Parte Papers (for Dept. 6 or 7);
  5. Answers/Responses to Unlawful Detainer Complaints;
  6. Petition to Withdraw Money from Blocked Account;
  7. Writs of Election;
  8. Any document submitted with a Peremptory Challenge; and
  9. Any new Complaint or Petition if the Plaintiff/Petitioner will be seeking immediate relief from the court.

All other documents must be time-stamped and dropped in the drop box adjacent to the Civil Business Office. For more details, read the San Diego Superior Court Public Notice.