Let There Be Light!

By Kelly on August 19, 2013//Leave a comment

The  renovation of the Downtown law library has brought many wonderful compliments.  However, patrons have been asking when the California Reading Room would get proper lighting since the branch reopened.


The process to light the eastern half of the California Reading Room has finally begun. The room is being outfitted with enhanced lighting for your reading pleasure.  It all starts Tuesday, August 20, as electricians investigate the space above the ceiling.  In the next few weeks and months, portions of the reading room will be taped off as the work is done. Look for an electrician on a ladder near you!


To celebrate the start of the lighting project, we are having a contest on Facebook.  The 15th person to like the lighting project post on Facebook today will win an ULTRA-COOL mini-lantern in SDLL signature colors!

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  1. John

    This is a long-overdue project that was a direct result of the renovation construction process: because costs were mounting, cuts had to be made ad hoc, and one of those cuts was a dozen very nice but pricey desk lamps for the east side of the Reading Room. As a result, there was less light and we have been working on a solution since we opened. County project managers assure us that we will get our lights very soon. – JohnnyZ

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