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By Kelly on April 27, 2018//Leave a comment

The Library’s Borrower’s Program has replaced membership! We are no longer distinguishing between law firms, attorneys, and non-attorneys. This new program is solely based on the number of items you want to check out.


There are two levels of the Borrower’s Program:

  • Level One: This level costs $50 for the year. You can check out 1 item at a time for 4 days, plus one 4-day renewal.
  • Level Two: This level costs $75 for the year. You check out up to 5 items at a time for 4 days, plus two 4-day renewals.


If you want to borrow materials, please come in to either of the library’s full service locations and fill out the borrowers application.


We sent out emails and letters to 2017 members explaining the new program and asking you to choose a borrowing option under this new program. If you don’t have the letter or email, it’s okay. Just come in to our North County or Downtown locations and we’ll take get everything taken care of.


The San Diego Law Library is one of the few law libraries in the country that allows materials to circulate. We hope you enjoy this privilege and thank you for supporting our ability to circulate materials.

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  1. Susan Medak

    My husband and I were members of the Law Library when it was $10.00 a year.
    We never checked anything out but liked the idea of supporting the Law Library.
    At $50.00 a year and the unlikely idea of going downtown to check anything out we will not be contributing to the Law Library. Why the change? I would think you would want to encourage the public to be connected to the Law Library.

    • Gina

      Thank you for your comments and support of the library. Our funding has dramatically dropped while the cost of legal materials continues to rise. We had the same fees for over 20years. In order to be fiscally responsible, we needed to raise our borrowing fee. For more information on our economic woes: Remember, anyone can use our library and resources for free while in the library and we provide numerous free resources via our website. We only charge a fee for people who want the convenience of taking legal resources home to review.

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