Here is a list of titles contained in our new Lexis eBook platform, as of April 25, 2023:

▪ Ballantine & Sterling, California Corporation Laws
▪ California Causes of Action
▪ California Civil Discovery
▪ California Class Actions and Coordinated Proceedings
▪ California Courtroom Evidence
▪ California Criminal Defense Practice
▪ California Criminal Discovery
▪ California Damages
▪ California Deering’s Advance Code Service
▪ California Deposition and Discovery Practice

▪ California Employers’ Guide to Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policy Manuals
▪ California Employment Law
▪ California Environmental Law and Land Use Practice
▪ California Evidentiary Foundations
▪ California Family Law Practice and Procedure
▪ California Federal Civil Rules
▪ California Federal Civil Rules: With Local Practice Commentary
▪ California Forms of Pleading and Practice
▪ California Guide to Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly
▪ California Insurance Law and Practice
▪ California Intellectual Property Laws
▪ California Law of Employee Injuries and Workers’ Compensation
▪ California Legal Forms: Transaction Guide
▪ California Mechanics’ Lien Law and Construction Industry Practice
▪ California Paralegal’s Guide
▪ California Points and Authorities
▪ California Preliminary Examinations and 995 Benchbook
▪ California Pretrial Civil Procedure
▪ California Pretrial Civil Procedure Practice Guide: The Wagstaffe Group
▪ California Probate Procedure
▪ California Product Liability Actions
▪ California Public Sector Labor Relations
▪ California State Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law
▪ California Torts
▪ California Trust Practice
▪ California Uninsured Motorist Law
▪ California Water Law and Policy
▪ California Workers’ Compensation Law
▪ Civil RICO
▪ Civil Rights Actions
▪ Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law
▪ Complex Issues in California Family Law
▪ Constitution of the United States of America
▪ Criminal Trial Error and Misconduct
▪ Cross-Examination
▪ Deering’s California Code Annotated
▪ Defense of Narcotics Cases
▪ Deskbook on the Management of Complex Civil Litigation
▪ Eyewitness Testimony
▪ Federal Criminal Trials
▪ Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
▪ Federal Rules of Evidence
▪ Handling Federal Tort Claims: Administrative and Judicial Remedies
▪ Horwitz on Patent Litigation
▪ How to Manage Your Law Office
▪ Immigration Law and Procedure
▪ LGBTQ Employment Law Practice Guide
▪ Manual of Federal Practice Forms
▪ Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Discovery
▪ Military Family Law
▪ Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis
▪ National Veterans Benefits Manual
▪ Ninth Circuit Criminal Handbook
▪ Prosecutorial Misconduct
▪ Seiser & Kumli on California Juvenile Courts Practice and Procedure
▪ Servicemember and Veterans Rights
▪ Veterans Benefits Manual