Written by Carolina C. Rose, J.D., President of Legislative Research and Intent, LLC.

To support the plain meaning of a statute or when the interpretation of a statute is ambiguous, courts may review the legislative history to determine the intent and meaning of the statute. Legislative history records, such as legislative committee bill analyses, can make or break a case. The courts routinely rely upon them in the same manner as they do case authority. The problem is that such records are hard to come by if you are trying to do your own research, especially if you are in a hurry; because most of these records are kept at distant sites such as the Sacramento State Archives. However, the San Diego Law Library is pleased to announce that now it can play a greater role in helping patrons to obtain such records quickly and affordably.  

Legislative Research & Intent, LLC (LRI), a long-time supporter of the Law Library, is offering patrons, a one-time, 10% discount to purchase California legislative history reports. To take advantage of this offer, contact LRI at 1-800-530-7613 or at intent@lrihistory.com to receive a discount code to use at the online store. For more information about the contents of an LRI legislative history report, click here.