Q: How do I complete the Case Management Statement?

Upon filing a complaint in San Diego Superior Court (excluding unlawful detainers), the Plaintiff receives a “Notice of Case Management Conference” with the date, time, and place of the initial Case Management Conference.(San Diego Ct R 2.1.9)

The Case Managment Statement, Form CM-110  is a mandatory Judicial Council form that each party must complete, file, and serve on all other parties in the case, no later than 15 calendar days before the date set for the case management conference or review. (Cal Rules of Ct. 3.725(a)). 

The Sacramento Public Law Library’s website has a  step by step guide on how to fill out the case management statement form. Note: Under the Trial Court Delay Reduction Act each county court may have its own delay reduction case management rules, so be sure to check your local rules when you prepare for the Case Management Conference.

There are other requirements in preparing for the Case Management Conference but this question deals with only one of the requirements, the Case Management Statement.

For more information about the initial case management conference and what information needs to be included in the Case Management Statement please view the following:

1. San Diego local court rule 2.1.9

2. California Rules of Court 3.720 – 3.735

3. CEB: California Civil Procedure Before Trial, Chapter 40

4. Mary Alexander’s Civil Litigation Manual