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Legal Reference Question of the Week

By admin on April 18, 2013//Leave a comment
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Q: I was adopted as a child, how do I get a copy of my original birth certificate?


According to Chapter 174 of the California Family Law Practice and Procedure, the original birth certificate “may be opened for inspection only” by submitting a verified petition to the superior court “in the county where the adopted person resides or in the county where the adoption was decreed.”


California Family Law Practice and Procedure also includes a sample of the verified petition that the person can submit to obtain the court order.


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  1. Lia

    I would like to find out which prosecuting deputy district attorneys in San Diego Central Division worked on specific cases, how would I do that? If I have a name of a DDA, is there a way to cross reference that with the criminal cases that have been filed over certain years?

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