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By Benita on March 22, 2013//Leave a comment
Book Cover: Nolo Fight Your Ticket and Win

Q: Where do I find the law that states the courts are required to report traffic violations to the DMV?


Another very interesting patron question.  The court’s reporting requirements are set out in Vehicle Code section 1803. We were able to find the relevant code section in the Nolo Press book: Fight Your Ticket and Win, an excellent resource to guide you through traffic court from start to finish.

Most of our Nolo Press books are also available online for free! so you may browse through different subject areas from the comfort of your home or office computer. To access the Nolo Press books, enter the county where you reside. Password: CA, the two digit state abbreviation.

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  1. Sylvia Santos

    To the Law Library Assistants: Thank you for your courteous service to the public. I have always found the County Law Library to be the place to do the research I need.


    Sylvia Santos

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