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By Benita on September 26, 2013//Leave a comment
Rules of court

Q: Where can I find the local rules of court for San Diego County Superior Court?


The local rules are available for free online or you may visit any branch location to view the print version.

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  1. Rj gardner

    Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 1st

    Rules? What rules?

    Where can we find the “rules of court” & “rules of evidence” used in the traffic court? Nobody seems to know. I had been searching for years, and couldn’t find them. The traffic ct. commissioners and clerks won’t say; attorneys don’t know or won’t tell; and the smartest person in the whole wide world, a second year law student, they don’t know either. Real judges, same. Been there, asked them. Is this some kind of free-for-all, no-holds-barred prosecution? Looks like it.

    It’s difficult to see how one can properly defend oneself as a pro per or not, when there are no known or easily available rules to follow, especially when police officers bring in documents with details which none of us ever knew existed nor had the opportunity to examine and challenge prior to introduction. Can we use the “Making And Meeting Objections” book of Judge Wenke? So few people know.

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