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By Benita on June 20, 2013//Leave a comment
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Q: Can a person with an out of state driver’s license drive in California?


This question stemmed from a traffic ticket an out of state person received while driving in California on the grounds that the person did not meet the non-residency exemption. Therefore, the person was interested in reading about the exemptions from the requirement of a California driver’s license which we found in Cal Jur, Automobiles §126. The exemptions may also be found under the California Vehicle Code §12502 and evidence of residency for purposes of vehicle registration can be found under the California Vehicle Code §516.

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  1. Andrea Monk

    I would be interested in researching the reexamination statute (C.V.C. 13800-13801 or 2,allowing DMV to “reexamine” drivers,) and legislative discussion on it each time it was amended. How do you findthe history of a code section?

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