Legal Deadlines – COVID-19 – Issues

San Diego Superior Court

Statutory Deadlines:

The San Diego Superior Court, by general order 031820-34, extends the time periods provided in CCP 583.310 and 583.320 for a period of 30 days for those cases in which the statutory deadline otherwise would expire from March 7, 2020 to April 6, 2020, inclusive.

Automatic Continuance of most matters currently pending:

The San Diego Superior Court issued general order 031820-34 that all matters other than those specifically enumerated (emergency/time-sensitive) are continued by the Court. The parties shall receive further notice stating the specific time and date of the continuance of their case.

Court closure is deemed holiday for computing time:

The San Diego Superior Court has suspended all non-emergency services effective March 17, 2020-April 3, 2020. All court days from March 17, 2020, to April 3, 2020, inclusive, will be deemed a court holiday for purposes of computing the time for filing papers with the court pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure sections 12 and 12a.

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