In order to make it easier to access the legal databases you need to conduct your legal research, we have partnered with the Chula Vista Public Library to make services more accessible. We know that heading Downtown to access our resources isn’t always convenient. And, due to the ongoing pandemic, we are open by appointment only. So, we wanted to make it easier for our patrons to research in their own neighborhood!

We have worked with the  Civic Center Branch of the Chula Vista Public Library for quite a few years to provide services to our South Bay residents. But, recently, we have added new databases to the legal research computer that we have set up at this public library!

Westlaw Edge

The newest edition to the legal research computers is Westlaw Edge. Westlaw Edge has everything you need for your legal research. It includes primary law (codes, statutes, rules, & regulations), case law, treatises, practice guides (including the Rutter Group Guides), legal journals, trial court documents, and verdict & settlement information. And, if that isn’t enough for you, Westlaw Edge also includes Westlaw’s Practical Law, a resource that provides answers to legal questions across all practice areas. Hundreds of attorney-editors create and maintain timely, reliable, and accurate resources that you can use to answer your own legal questions.

This database costs thousands of dollars a year, but you can access it for free at our partner libraries as well as at our Downtown location. This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [ARPML-250612-OMLS-22].

Gale California Legal Forms

This database is one of our favorites. It was even featured in our webinar, “Hidden Gems of the Law Library”! This database provides thousands of sample legal forms and letters ranging across all topics. So whether you are selling a car, hiring a contractor, or sending a cease & desist letter, you can find an example in Gale! Our staff is constantly and pleasantly surprised by all that Gale has to offer, and we wanted to make sure more people have access to this excellent resource.

National Consumer Law Center Database

The National Consumer Law Center is a non-profit organization that digitally published 21 treatises on consumer law issues, pleadings, practice guides, and analysis. They focus on fair debt collection, bankruptcy, foreclosure, consumer credit & collections, and Tenant’s Rights in HUD Housing Programs.

NOLO Press Occidental eBooks

This database provides access to two helpful eBooks on family law. “How to Do Your Own Divorce in California” and “How to Make Any Divorce Better” are two books that help anyone going through the difficult process of divorce. They explain the steps of the process and the issues to consider in plain language. You will learn the forms that you need throughout the process, give practical advice, and even inform how to create a marital settlement agreement. And, since these are digital copies, you can be sure they contain the most up-to-date information!


HeinOnline is known by practitioners and scholars alike. It contains fully searchable PDF images of scholarly articles, government documents, case law, and international resources. This database is great for historical research and finding legal journal articles. So, whether you want to read the Pentagon Papers or read letters from the U.S. Presidential Library, this is the database for you!

These new materials are some of the many resources that we have made available to help you with your legal research during the COVID-19 crisis. And, if you are a member of our Borrowers Program or a Benefit Package Holder, you can access Gale California Legal Forms, National Consumer Law Center Database, and HeinOnline from home using your San Diego Law Library Card number! If you have any questions about our webinars or accessing our legal databases, please contact us by email or telephone.