Did you know that our state has the largest Native American population in America? Approximately 12% of the country’s Native population lives in California and San Diego County has more Tribal Reservations than any other county in the United States. Each Native American tribe is a sovereign nation and most are governed by a tribal council. But how do these tribal councils dispense justice?

At our “Tribal Justice” event attendees will have the opportunity to learn about two tribal courts from very different parts of California by watching the award-winning documentary “Tribal Justice,”and hearing from our special guest, the Honorable Claudette White, the Chief Judge of the Quechan Tribe. The documentary follows Judge White and the Hon. Abby Abinanti of the Yurok Tribe of northern California as they strive to reduce incarceration rates and heal their people by restoring rather than punishing offenders.

“Tribal Justice” will take place at our Downtown location on Thursday, November 7th, and begins with a food and beverage reception at 5:30 pm. The documentary will begin at 6:00 pm, and the event will end this Judge White answering questions from the audience. We are expecting the event to sell out, so register for your tickets today!

“Tribal Justice” was created by Makepeace Productions and more information about the film is available at the Tribal Justice website. We are grateful to University of San Diego School of Law and HeinOnline for sponsoring this event with us. This program is part of our focus on Tribal Law. Each year we give special focus to an area of law intrinsic to the fabric of San Diego county’s culture, history, and modern day life. If you would like more information about Tribal Law, we have created a information and resource guide that is available through our website.