Join Lawyers Club of San Diego, the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition, and the San Diego Law Library on Saturday, April 26th, 8:30am to 1pm.

To keep costs down for this event and save the environment, all handouts are available electronically. If you wish to have a copy of the handout to look at during the presentation, please print out your own copies and bring them to the event. Handouts will NOT be available at the event.

Click the links below to retrieve handouts and bios provided by the speakers.


8:30-9:00            Breakfast & Networking

9:00-9:10            Welcome

                            Hon. Carolyn M. Caietti

9:10-9:30            California Human Trafficking Laws  (handout)

    Summer Stephan, Esq. – San Diego District Attorney’s Office  (bio)

9:30-9:50            Victim Recruitment  (handout)

    Dr. Wendy Patrick – San Diego District Attorney’s Office  (bio)

9:50-10:10           Juvenile Justice Perspective

     Hon. Carolyn M. Caietti – San Diego Superior Court Juvenile Division

10:10-10:30          Complexity from the Defense Point of View

      Marian Gaston, Esq. – San Diego Public Defender’s Office  (bio)

10:30-10:50          BREAK

10:50-11:10          Tools Used by Law Enforcement and How Cases are Prosecuted  (handout)

      Mary Ellen Barrett, Esq. – San Diego District Attorney’s Office  (bio)

11:10-11:35          Federal Prosecution  (handout)

      Alessandra Serano, Esq. – U.S. Attorney’s Office  (bio)

11:35-11:45          BREAK

11:45-12:10          Labor Trafficking and the Challenges Faced by Undocumented Victims  (handout)

      Elizabeth Camarena, Esq. – Casa Cornelia Law Center  (bio)

12:10-12:35          Non-Government Organizations Role in Rescuing and Supporting Victims  (handout)

      Marisa Ugarte – Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition  (bio)

12:35-1:00           Question & Answer session