During Law Week, the Law Library is partnering with Foothills Bar Association, to present free Law 101 sessions for the general public, law students, paralegals, and first year associates. Learn how to present your family law, landlord-tenant, conservatorship or restraining order case in Superior Court from experts in the field at our El Cajon location.

Below are the full event details:


April 28: 12-1 p.m.: Divorce 101:

This one hour session will cover the basics of divorce proceedings in San Diego Superior Court. Topics include: child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division and move away cases.

For individuals representing themselves in family court, this is an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered by family law experts, Garrison Klueck, Esq. and Traci Hoppes, Esq.


April 28: 1-2 p.m.: Landlord-Tenant Issues 

In this presentation, landlords will learn how to rent to tenants and establish precautions to prevent future problems and issues. Tenants will learn about how to protect their interests including their rights to habitable housing and privacy. Attorneys James McKinley and Joseph Fox will lead the discussion on rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.

April 29: 12-1 p.m.: Conservatorship Basics 

Your questions about conservatorships will be answered by two experts on the topic, Miranda Franks, Esq. and Nancy Ewin, Esq. Learn about different types of conservatorships, the court proceedings to establish a conservatorship, and the conservator’s duties and responsibilities.

April 29: 1-2 p.m.: The ABCs of Restraining Orders

Join us for one hour to learn how to obtain a restraining order to protect yourself and loved ones. Find out, from attorneys Kim Marie Staron and Jan Maiden, what situations qualify for a restraining order, how to obtain a restraining order from San Diego Superior Court and what protections a restraining order offers.

For questions about the above series, please contact Benita at: (619) 441-4451.