During the week of April 28 – May 2, the law library celebrated law week with free legal clinics, information sessions, a voter registration drive, a book drive, and proclamations from different cities throughout San Diego County. Law Week was a huge success with 84 attendees and 50 book donations to the San Diego County Bar Association’s Children at Risk Book Drive.

Our Law Week activities were made possible thanks to the San Diego County Bar AssociationNorth County Bar AssociationFoothills Bar Association, Family Law Facilitator’s Office in Chula Vista, Elizabeth Puzo from the San Diego Paralegal Association, and the following volunteer attorneys:

 Ben Aguilar
Katie Anderson
Harris Brumer
Marc Chambers
Vic Chaudhry
Kathryn Cooney
Amber Crothall
David Daftary
Robert Daniels
Michael Doukas
Nancy Ewin
Miranda Franks
Joseph Fox
Stephen Hinze
Traci Hoppes
Anne Howard
Russell Jellig
Garrison Klueck
Alexandra Krakovsky
Greg Lievers
Andrew Limberg
Jan Maiden
Maurizio Mangini
Judith McIlwee
James McKinley
Amberly Morgan
Ralph Morgan
Eric Morton
Frank Nageotte
Bill Parks
Noreez Santz
Amanda Singer
Kim Staron
Debra Streeter
Sondra Sutherland
Silvina Todini
John Zryd