Law school is hard – there’s help!

By Kim on April 10, 2013//Leave a comment

Much has been written in recent years about the increasingly tough times faced by law students.  It’s a difficult and competitive curriculum. Add on the dwindling job market and the skyrocketing student loans, it’s no wonder students have trouble coping.

As reported recently at the RIPS Law Librarian Blog, there’s help!  If you are a student or know one having a tough time emotionally, check out these resources:

  • Mental Health Initiative – American Bar Association, “foster[s] breaking the stigma associated with severe depression and anxiety amongst law students and lawyers”
  • Law Lifeline – Jed Foundation and the Dave Nee Foundation, an “online resources for law school mental health”
  • Active Minds – non-profit student organization “changing the conversation about mental health”
  • Grad Resources – faith-based, non-profit organization “serving the need of graduate and professional students”
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