El Cajon Branch of the San Diego County Library

Chula Vista Public Library Civic Center Branch


  201 E. Douglas Ave

El Cajon CA 92020

Starting Monday, Feb. 1st
Law Librarian Available
1st & 3rd Monday
Databases Available*
M-Th 9:30am—8:00pm
Fri-Sat 9:30am—5:00pm
Sun 12:00pm—5:00pm 


365 F Street

Chula Vista CA 91910

Starting Monday, Feb. 8th
Law Librarian Available
2nd & 4th Monday
Databases Available*
M-Th 10:00am -8:00pm
Fri-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm
Sun 1:00pm-5:00pm 

The following Law Library services will be offered at the above locations:

(* Please note that we are currently working with our partners and vendors to make the databases available. The databases may NOT be available on the starting dates listed above. Call 619-531-3900 for more information on database availability.)

Databases offered include:*

CEB Onlaw – Database containing Continuing Education of the Bar publications. Includes more than 100 practice books and actions guides specifically written on California law, including sample language to use when drafting court documents. Good database to use when researching topics of California law, court procedural questions, drafting court documents, estate planning documents, or contracts.

Hein Online – Database containing law journal articles; Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register; U.S. Treaties and Agreements; Legal Classics library; and Congressional Documents. Good database to use when looking for legal related articles, older versions of federal regulations, information on treaties, or when looking for historic Congressional information.

Lexis Advance – Database containing State and Federal Primary Law, CA administrative opinions, agency information, legal periodicals, and Matthew Bender California collection. Good database to use when looking up state or federal law (both codes and case law).  The Matthew Bender California collection is great for sample language when drafting court documents, estate planning documents, or contracts. The Shepard’s feature can be used to further your legal research and make sure you are using the most up to date laws.

On Demand Classes:

On Demand Classes will be available when the Law Librarian is at the location, see the schedule above. These are 15 minute classes designed to give a general overview of the subject to help you get started with your legal research. Just ask the Legal Reference Librarian and they will arrange the class with you. No reservations are required.

Focus on Forms:
Finding the correct form can be confusing. There are local court forms as well as California forms approved for use in the Courts. This class provides information to assist you in finding California and Local San Diego Court forms. It will also explain the difference between a court form and a secondary legal source format.

Free Legal Websites:
This is an introductory level class in which students will become aware of the most popular and useful free websites. The class focuses on websites sponsored by government agencies and other reliable sources.

Basic Civics:
Learn the basics of how laws are made and the structure of our government. Also learn about reliable websites for more detailed lessons.

Basics of Hein OnLine:
In this class you will learn how to find information about law reviews and journals, federal government documents, and international treaties.

Basics of Lexis Advance:
For those new to Lexis databases.
Emphasis will be on search options and familiarity with the resource, including how to search for cases, statutes, and legal reference resources.

Basics of Nolo:
Learn about our only self-help database available anywhere you have internet access. Learn how to access this database and search for legal resources.

Basics of OnLaw:
For those new to the OnLaw legal
database. The class focuses on basic search options, such as: keywords, statutes, cases, and forms.

Pleading Format:
Learn what pleading format is and why it is required in California Courts. Learn where to find a free downloadable template on our website.

Shepardize—What is it?:
Learn what a Shepard’s report is and how to use it to further your legal research and find out if the law you are relying on is still good/current law.

Please note that the Law Librarian cannot offer legal advice. The Law Librarian may need to refer you to an organization, websites, or to legal resources located at our Downtown branch for help with your legal issue.

Call 619-531-3900 for more information.