The San Diego Architectural Foundation has announced the participants for its popular Open House San Diego (OH! SDTM) architecture and urban design event taking place the weekend of March 24-25. It is a festival of free tours of iconic San Diego buildings. We’re proud that the Law Library’s Downtown location was selected as one of this year’s buildings. Each OH! SD site was selected because it contributes in a unique way to the fabric of our city, with architectural, historic, or cultural significance.

“Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend,” said Susanne Friestedt, Founder of OH! SD, “We expect the same kind of crowd as last year – architecture and design students, families and San Diegans interested in learning more about the history and development of our city. Last year, over 6,000 visits were tallied at 47 sites. This year we anticipate at least 10,000 visits to our 80 sites.”

Visitors will have the chance to discover some of San Diego’s newest, never-before-seen buildings, as well as historic landmarks throughout Downtown, Bankers Hill, Barrio Logan, Balboa Park, and Point Loma. There will be designer-led tours and talks at many sites. Everyone is welcome to enter the juried architectural photography competition and there are prizes in a variety of categories.

OH! SD is the largest architectural event in San Diego. The locations provide attendees a wide range of fascinating experiences showcasing San Diego’s architectural diversity.

The San Diego Law Library was a state-of-the-art resource for people needing legal assistance when it was built in 1958. Over 50 years later, it was completely renovated. It restored the original clean sight lines and mid-century modern design aesthetic. The building boasts an iconic floating staircase, black Escondido granite facings, floor-to-ceiling west-facing windows, white Carrara marble floors, a buried peek-a-boo time capsule, and one-of-a-kind spaces including a permanent hand painted labyrinth and a Hogwarts-inspired lounge.