Tomorrow’s Law Firm Today

Thursday, March 5th 10:00am to 3:00pm

San Diego Law Library – 1105 Front Street San Diego CA 92101

Law Leaders Lab is built on the premise that the way most law firms operate their businesses is not sustainable over the long term. We work with lawyers to help them rethink the way they create, deliver and communicate that value to clients. Our core competency is business development and client growth but the strategic work we do touches all aspects of the business.

We have a proven record of identifying new markets, targeting clients and building integrated marketing and business development programs to generate new business and expand client relationships.

Let us help you address questions about:
1. Getting better results our of marketing and business development efforts.
2. Finding ways to stand out and differentiate yourself from others who offer similar services.
3. Enhance and expand existing client relationships.
4. Target new markets more effectively.

To register for a free 15 minute consultation on one of the above topics, send your specific questions and contact information to:    619-501-7909