Moderator Alec Beyer took on the mighty task of managing the engaging panel of comics professionals at last Tuesday’s Law & Comics at the Central Library. It was a blast!

The Secret Origins of our guest speakers!

The program began with our guests, Batton Lash, Rob Salkowitz, and Stu Rees, describing their own secret origins – how they got involved in their careers. An important takeaway from all three is that you have to be passionate about what you do and take advantage of every opportunity.

The passion behind building an independent comics career!

The guests then discussed the increasing popularity of comic book characters which has made comic book movies, shows, and products a multi-billion dollar industry. The panelists discussed the difficulty that comic creators have when attempting to retain intellectual property rights during negotiations with corporate publishers, and the pros and cons of crowdfunding for the independent creator.

The state of comics today!

The guests expounded upon the differences between “dead tree” and digital publications. The discussion specifically focused on the collector market and how blockchain enables digital collectors to have true ownership. Finally, there was a lively discussion about parody and fair use law when using existing characters.

Additionally, the event finished off with a prize drawing for 3 winners who received either the Batton Lash, Rob Salkowitz, or the independent creator prize pack.  Many thanks to our special guests, Batton Lash, Stu Rees, and Rob Salkowitz, and our moderator Alec Beyer for another fantastic event. Also, thank you to the San Diego Public Library for hosting us for the third year in a row. The staff was tremendously helpful.

If you missed it, you can check out the library’s Facebook feed for a recording of the event.