What does it take to get your creation in print and then steered through the treacherous waters of Hollywood? How have opportunities for creators changed due to the increase in television channels and the growth in streaming services like Netflix and Hulu? What is it like to see your creation adapted into a variety of different media – from a novel to a comic book to a movie? How do you protect your creation with all these options?

Please join moderator George Brewster and our award-winning panelists on Tuesday, July 7, at noon, as we explore this ever-changing area. All attendees will get the 2015 Law & Comics t-shirt and a gift bag with comics by our panelists.

Law & Comics 2015 Special Guests

Jonathan MaberryJonathan Maberry

A New York Times bestselling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award winner, and freelancer for IDW, Jonathan Maberry knows his horror. His work includes the novels GHOST ROAD BLUES, the ROT AND RUIN series, the Joe Ledger series, and the shared world anthology V-WARS.  ROT AND RUIN is the first in a zombie apocalypse series for young adults. The Joe Ledger series are thrillers with a focus on genetic engineering/forbidden science. V-WARS looks at what happens when vampires start appearing due a change in people’s genetic code.  EXTINCTION MACHINE, a Joe Ledger novel, and V-WARS have been optioned as television shows, while ROT AND RUIN has been optioned as a movie.

Stu ReesStu Rees

Stu is a local entertainment lawyer who represents mostly visual arts creators. Notably, Stu represents more than 100 cartoonists in their negotiations with the major newspaper comic strip syndicates, and more than 400 cartoonists and writers in a mix of online, greeting card, book licensing, and smaller syndication deals. He is the only lawyer specializing in syndication contracts.
Stu and his attorney wife, Maddy Dodson, draw and write their own law cartoons, Stu’s Views, www.stus.com. They have been published in several hundred print and electronic forums throughout the world.

Chris RyallChris Ryall

Chris Ryall is the Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing, a San Diego-based comic book and graphic novel publisher. In Ryall’s eleven years with IDW, the company has grown to become one of the large comic publishers, often ranking #3 after Marvel and DC; won over a dozen Eisner Awards; and added high-profile brands to the company such as Transformers, Orphan Black, Star Trek, True Blood, Godzilla, Judge Dredd, GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many others.
He is also an Eagle- and Eisner Award-nominated comic book writer/editor, having created ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS, ONYX, and GROOM LAKE.  ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS is currently optioned as a movie.