Lesson 1:

Realize that some legislators do not consider the courts a coequal third branch.
This recommendation may be difficult to adopt because courts are indeed a coequal third branch.

Everything changes, however, when money is on the table.

Some legislators believe that because courts are funded by taxpayer dollars, court funding must undergo the same level of scrutiny as every other  budgetary line item. Right or wrong, this is the new budget reality¸ and one which judges and court administrative staff must accept and consider  when devising their outreach strategy.

From Harvard’s Kennedy Center Report, Keeping Courts Funded

I have some ideas about outreach strategies that may help. They involve the personal touch, and a lot about bringing judges and what they do to the people, so voters can understand the cause and effect of these budget cuts.  More later.  Time to mull about our own budget. Grrrr.