Just another day in Zeroland…

By JohnnyZ on October 31, 2013//Leave a comment

Johnny Z has things under control!  The librarians are ready to help but stay quiet or the ax might fall…


zombie librarian

Other than that, things are fairly normal.  A scary cat over here, a pumpkin over there. Just another day in Zeroland…Admin Officer Cyndi is multitasking as usual…


and the rest of the gang is just waiting for an excuse — er, chance — to serve you!  For dinner, maybe?  Heh heh heh…



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  1. Jeremiah Williams King

    After reading the blog and then the disclaimer posted here I decide to ask a general question for ZEROLAND in written notation. I have personally visited the ‘Legal’ Law Center on many occasions and not just to conduct research but to find specific information and articles which would complete the subscription of life. The name, Jeremiah, Written before war/law is included now in the registry of every Constitutionally enforced directive, amendment, and governed process for the collapse of information; Biological, and inevitably perceived as deliberate. I am especially interested in finding natural keepers of summary and persons who are consistent and devoted to the preservation of their form in literature and record. *The Original goal was to align all introduction of institutionalized references with a correspondent. This instruction would cost less time and money and procedure than its’ current value. I have informed your staff and would like to know if any of your staff’s librarians are qualifiers. This name and a serial computation of universal academy have been expanded. In consideration of science and and denomination, I have offered an invitation of myself and sincerely hope that you and your staff have developed progress and are available to assist the areas of San Diego which are prone to conspiracy. Sincerely JWK.

    • JohnnyZ

      Hello Mr. King! We sure are happy that you use the law library for your legal research needs. I confess to being a little bit puzzled about the subscription of life you refer to, but rest assured we do our best to make every customer satisfied with our services. An important point that you make — one that is very important to me — is the preservation of records and materials. As the County’s only public law library, we have a duty to keep the archival records of our county’s legal history and old, arcane, or hard to find legal materials. The last thing you mention is making progress. That is our goal, every day, to learn more about how we can better assist and serve people in finding the law. We are proud of that mission, and thank you for recognizing it. See you around the library! – Sincerely, JohnnyZ

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