The June 3 Statewide Primary Election is in four days.  Your vote does matter.  Just one vote can make a difference.  Check out these interesting election results from the County of San Diego Registrar of Voters Office.  Elections where just one vote COULD have made a difference…

In 1981, two candidates tied for Board Members of the Borrego Springs Fire Protection District.  The outcome?…the winner was picked from a hat!

In 1985, an election was held to recall three San Ysidro School Board Members.  The “yes” and “no” votes were tied for two of the three members.  The outcome? Although half of the voters wanted the Board members removed, the two involved in the tie remained on the Board.

In 1985, a proposition whether or not to establish a redevelopment ordinance in the City of Vista received a tie vote.  The outcome?  Even though half of the voters clearly supported this issue…it failed.

In 1986, a measure to annex property to the City of Escondido resulted in a tie vote.
The outcome? … It failed.

In 1992, two candidates tied for Board Members of the Ramona Municipal Water District.
The outcome?…The winner was determined by a coin toss.

In 1992, two candidates tied for Board Members of the Jacumba Community Services District.
The outcome?  The winner was determined by a coin toss.

In a broader sense, author Doug Stoner, who compiled “The Importance of One Vote”, illustrates the enormous power of one vote to change the course of history!
In 1649, ONE VOTE caused Charles I of England to be executed.
In 1839, ONE VOTE elected Marcus Morton as Governor of the State of Massachusetts.
In 1845, ONE VOTE brought the State of Texas into the Union.
In 1868, ONE VOTE saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment.
In 1876, ONE ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency of the United States.
In 1923, ONE VOTE gave Adolph Hitler control of the Nazi Party and changed the course of human history.