There are several options to advertise your business in the Witkin Dinner Awards program.  Advertisements are available in Congratulatory Color or Black & White.  Please provide logos and ad art in EPS, PDF or TIFF to  Include a contact person, phone, fax number and email.  To ensure inclusion in the program, submissions must be received no later than 3 PM Friday,  October 3, 2014.

Witkin Dinner Program

FULL PAGE   (5″ x 8″)

Color  @ BuyNowPPLogo_08252014$1,000
 B&W @ $500BuyNowPPLogo_08252014
Witkin Dinner Program

HALF-PAGE (5″ x 4″)

Color @ $500BuyNowPPLogo_08252014
B&W @ $250BuyNowPPLogo_08252014
Witkin Dinner Program

QUARTER-PAGE (2.4″ X 4″)

Color @ $200BuyNowPPLogo_08252014
B&W @ $125BuyNowPPLogo_08252014
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