Welcome to our Volunteer Program!

We need help in our quest to provide more services to more people and to reach out to the entire San Diego community.

We have a small but mighty force of 19 full-time staff members that serve the legal information needs of San Diego County. We are proud of how much we accomplish with so little, but we can do even more with your help.

Our staff often has to fulfill roles and perform duties that are outside their scope of expertise and for which they have not been trained. It takes time to learn new skills, become proficient in different areas of business or technology, and research areas of law.

You can help! We know there are people out there that already have the skills and talents we need. Volunteer your time to do what you do best! This will free up our staff time to do what we do best—help people.

How You Can Help

Many of our volunteer opportunities are project based and can be completed in the comfort of your own home or office.

For example;

  • Do you have experience in writing grants or doing fundraising? Help us seek out grant and donation opportunities and apply for funding.
  • Are you a photographer or videographer? Use your skills and artistic eye to help us capture patron stories to share with the community and show our value to potential donors.

You don’t have to make a big time commitment to make an impact. What you can do in just a few hours, might take our staff days to accomplish. Your efforts will allow us to focus our time and energy where we can make the greatest impact.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

We have a need for volunteers with the following skills:

UX#1 A wiz with graphic design using common software products. Use those skills to help us create templates for class flyers, special event programs, and brochures.

UX#2 Someone with awesome computer skills using Microsoft Office applications to help us teach a class on basic computer usage or available to be on site to help patrons with computer use questions.

UX#3 Attorneys to present MCLE classes.

UX#4 Legal Research skills to check our Research and Motion Guides for accuracy and update as needed.

UX#5 Legal Research skills to develop new Research and Motion Guides in your area of legal expertise.

UX#6 A photographer or videographer with an artistic eye to help us capture patron stories to share with the community and show our value to potential donors

CO#1 Do you have organizational skills and time on your hands? Help us shelf-read our collection to make sure everything is in its place. Onsite only.

Interested? Complete the Volunteer Application Form and submit to  volunteer@sdlawlibrary.org