Law Day WordleThe need for a sustained, strong public law library system is steadily growing as we assist people seeking to “do it yourself” without the benefit of counsel.  So many self-represented litigants are being bounced out of court because of procedural defects or technicalities that bar their claims unnecessarily.  Public law libraries provide people with a more level playing field when it comes to accessing the justice system.

This week we celebrate Law Week and all that the Rule of Law has brought to this great nation and our society’s fabric.  We are holding free legal clinics throughout the County to help make that fabric even stronger.

I respectfully urge that you take on the plight of California public law libraries as a personal cause – to champion the law library as a public right that deserves protection by the State, County leaders, the Courts, and the Bar, so that justice is within reach of every single person who lives within our borders.

You could make an incredible difference, each one of you.  We need you, and so do the People of California.