I read one time that many small businesses fail because as the business grows, the entrepreneur spends less and less time creating and more and more time on the mundane tasks of running a business. Big mistake. What makes that person valuable is her ideas! As the little prince always said, “What is essential is invisible to the eye!” That’s the intangible, creative, imagination stuff, not the grind of the accounting process.

I am the entrepreneur of the law library. I am an “Idea Guy” for sure. But I have taken a week away from the office to write up a narrative of the past year’s activities at the law library. It’s painful, but necessary. Am I the best person for the job of writing up the year’s events? Probably, but it doesn’t come easily for me.

Many people think you should be doing various “value-adding” activities. But look at it critically. If those aren’t the most value-adding activities you can be doing, then you shouldn’t be doing them. You should be concentrating on what you do best. Analyze the situation and speak up! You probably know what needs doing better than the higher ups.

This applies in your personal life as well. We have a hard time cutting out what is not essential because in our minds we create a story that makes everything essential. It’s not. Most of it is trivial and won’t matter in the end. The Little Prince had it right the whole time.