Need a book that we don’t have?  We’ll do our best to get it for you!  Materials outside our collection may be requested from another library through interlibrary loan (ILL).

ILL service is available only to Borrowers.

To request an ILL, fill out an online ILL Request Form found below.

Loan Costs:

  • Minimum charge of $12 per item ($7 per item fee + $5 shipping), PLUS
  • Lending Library charges and shipping costs (can range from $0 to $50).

Copy Costs:

  • $15 for copy requests up to 20 pages; $1.25 per page over 21 pages, PLUS
  • Lending Library charges (can range from $0 to $60).


1. Can anyone ask for an ILL Request?

No, you must be a Law Library borrower to receive this benefit.

2. Why don’t you have an exact fee amount and charge me at the time of the

Our minimum fee for an ILL is $12 (unless you are a Benefit Holder, then the
minimum fee is $6.). Unfortunately we do not know the fees and shipping costs of
the lending library until we go into the ILL system and look at the lending library
fees and policies. To avoid charging you multiple times, a staff member will
contact you with the total fee and collect payment before we send the request
through the ILL system. This is why we ask you for a maximum amount you are
willing to pay for the item. We will try to locate a lending library that has fees
within your budget

3. Can I renew the items I borrow from the lending library?

If the lending library allows this option, then yes, you may. Contact us as soon as
possible so we can check with the lending library. There is no guarantee of a

4. How long does it take to receive items?

Usually between 1-2 weeks, we try to process your request as soon as possible.
We have no control over the lending library and the time it takes them to process
and ship the request.

5. What happens if I return the book late?

If the book is returned late, we charge the late fees that the lending library
charges us. You will be required to pay these fees in addition to the initial lending