Protecting your intellectual property in cyberspace requires constant vigilance, Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace is one of the essential titles in our intellectual property collection. This resource will help you navigate the shifting legal landscape of trademark, copyright, patent and trade secrets on the internet.

The book covers a wide variety of topics. They include online navigation tools and protecting websites. Additionally, there is coverage of posting and using online materials, issues arising from conducting business online, virtual property, and more.

There are several new areas in the Third Edition:

  • The shift from United States control over domain name issues to the global multi-stakeholder community
  • ICANN’s roll-out of the new Generic Top Level Domains (“gTLD’s”)
  • Latest developments in the battle between and the governments of Brazil and Peru regarding the AMAZON gTLD
  • Exploration of the application of copyright law to social media and virtual reality
  • A fresh look at the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA, with analysis of the latest cases
  • Recent cases on the controversial issue of “initial interest confusion”
  • New cases on what constitutes “use in commerce” on web pages

You can find Intellectual Property in Cyberspace Downtown at the Library’s location.