Housing – COVID-19 Issues

Last Updated 4/1/2020


City of San Diego:

Has passed an ordinance to provide an eviction moratorium. Tenants are still responsible for rent and landlord will be able to recover owed rent at a later time.




County of San Diego:

Do you have questions about your landlord’s actions during the COVID-19 outbreak? The San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program is still available to assist with your landlord-tenant issues. You can contact them at 619-235-5656, ext. 127




Overview of Protections by County or City

This is a collection of protections in many counties or cities in California. It is not alphabetical so you’ll have to scan for your city or county. It was last updated March 25, 2020.



CARES Act Protections:

Under section 4024 of the CARES Act, for 120 days beginning on March 27, 2020, lessors of “covered dwellings” cannot file a court action for an eviction or charge additional fees for nonpayment of rent if their dwelling is secured by a federally backed mortgage or participates in various federal programs.


Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

Webpage with updates on federal housing programs in light of the coronavirus.

March 18 – HUD suspends all foreclosures and issues an eviction moratorium for 60 days for anyone with a FHA-insured mortgage. See the article for full information.




Many banks are waiving mortgage payments for up to 90 days for California residents who have been directly impacted by COVID-19. The banks include Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citi, and JP Morgan Chase. Bank of America has instituted a 30-day waiver which can be extended. Check here for more information.


CARES Act Protections:

The CARES Act created important protections for owners of 1 to 4 properties as well those who own 5 or more properties.



Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

They have created a in-depth guide to possible mortgage relief options if you’re having trouble with your mortgage due to COVID-19.