Sure, I can multi-task.

Everyone knows that no business can run without order. Somebody has to take the swirl of my unexpected and sometimes whacky ideas and give them cohesion.


Nooooooooo waaaaay!!!

Every April for 61 years, the International Association of Administrative Professionals has been asking businesses around the world to show gratitude for the people who get the job done in their office. Please join us by committing in some significant way to mark Administrative Professionals Week April 21-27 and Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

We’re honoring the office professionals who make offices work.  In our library we have the delightful and awesome CC and CQ (CQ started on Monday, but we have high hopes for her winning ways).  CC has been with us for about 2 years and in that time has proven to be an amazing asset to the team.  We are lucky to have them both at the SDLL keeping us on track, in order, and on time.


Hats off to them, and admins everywhere!  In all sincerity, we couldn’t do it without you.