Date: This Thursday, March 7, 2019

Time:12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Location: Downtown

MCLE: 1 hour General Participatory MCLE credit

Register: online

Cost: $25

About the Program:

This seminar, How to Hire a Forensic Expert, introduces legal professionals to methods for interviewing a prospective document examiner or other expert witness. You will learn how to properly vet your prospective expert and how to prepare to cross examine an opposing expert. We will examine:

  •  How insufficient vetting of an expert became a problem for the defense in the Zahau v. Shacknai case last year
  •  An expert claim of having a PhD from a university that did not exist

After this seminar you will:

  •  Know the questions to ask of your prospective expert
  •  Learn why the low priced expert may be the most expensive
  •  Why years of experience is no substitute for skill and knowledge
  •  Always research the prospective expert to learn whether the CV is honest
  •  Find out whether the prospective expert has told you the whole truth
  •  Know what to expect in a properly written expert’s report and types of reports
  •  Recognize the effects of bias on forensic examiners’ opinions

About the Speaker:

Mike Wakshull is a court-qualified forensic document examiner. He partners with attorney clients to deliver results that often lead to early settlements in favor of the counsel who retained him. He applies his technical and science training to present a science-based approach to his opinions—a court requirement.

Mike has authored three books on the topic of forensic document examination. He has presented at several international forensics conferences. A member of several industry-related associations, he serves on the board of two.