The Law Library has many books that rarely get the attention they deserve. HUD Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights is one of those gems. HUD is the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, and one of its central objectives is providing quality, affordable rental homes.

This book contains detailed information for both landlords and tenants of “Section 8” and other HUD housing information. For example, chapter 8 educates the tenant and landlord on eviction procedures for section 8 housing and the procedural protections available. There are also chapters on rent, utilities, tenant selection, leases, and terminating a tenancy, for property owners who are considering listing their property. As you can see the information available is extensive and invaluable for those who want to understand the requirements of section 8 housing.

HUD Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights is available at our downtown location and may be sent to any of our other locations upon request.