Each year the San Diego Law Library asks our patrons to select one book as Book of the Year to add to our collection. Each year we choose three law-related books in the fiction, non-fiction, and biography categories. You can read descriptions of the nominees and vote  for your choice here. The deadline to cast your vote is Wednesday, February 24th. This year’s nominees are:

This exciting novel follows Virgil Wounded Horse, a the enforcer for a South Dakota Indian Reservation.  Virgil is hired for the dangerous task of finding the source of a heroin influx into his community.  As he begins to piece the mystery together Virgil must face his demons and come to terms with the cost of being a Native American in the 21st century.

The U.S. Constitution lays out the rights and privileges of American citizens, but how these rights are interpreted falls to our judicial system. Our judges apply widely different judicial philosophies and can reach divergent constitutional results. Author Ofer Raban uses key case studies to examine different judicial philosophies and their far-reaching implications for the rights of American citizens.

This biography examines the life and career of one of America’s greatest forensic scientists, Edward Oscar Heinrich. Heinrich spearheaded the invention of new forensic tools that are still in use today, like lie-detector tests, fingerprint evidence, ballistics, and blood-spatter analysis. His work, which was often flawed, changed the course of criminal investigations forever.

The Book of the Year Program is just one of the many programs the San Diego Law Library has available to you. If you have any questions about the Book of the Year or any of our other programs, please contact us by emailtelephone, or Virtual Front Desk (weekdays between 2 pm and 4 pm). Or, you can sign up for a telephone appointment with a reference librarian to get your questions answered in real-time.